Immobiliare Perretta

Via San Marco, 2
84079 Villammare SA

t.f. +39 0973 366011
p1 +39 338 3722225 (Domenico)
p2 +39 349 8465065 (Emanuela)

P.IVA 03547230650

VIBONATI - Villa Bifamiliare, 4 o piĆ¹ locali
Code: V000285
Price: 228,000 EUR / trat.
Sqm: 110
Energetic Class: ND
Locals: 7
Bathrooms: 2
Boxes: 1
Sqm box: 76
Property Conditions: Perfect Conditions
Rank: Medium
Position: Suburb
View: Sea View
Level: First
Free Sides: 3
Garden: Private
Heating: Independent
Heating Type: Boiler
Type of heating system: Radiator heating
Energy source: LPG Heating
Cooling: Split
Accessories: Air Conditioning, Armored door

This offer does not constitute a contract proposal and must therefore be regarded as purely illustrative.